Robot Books

General Robotics Links  All about Artificial Intelligence on the Net

AceUpLink   Complete coverage of Robot Arena

All Educational Toys  Educational software, unique collectibles and toys

Autonomous Mobile Robot Simulators

Basic Stamp  Information page

BattleBots Forum Go here for tips on making your combat robot

Bookloons   Reviews of science fiction books

Colobot   Colonize space with your virtual robots

Combat Robot Hall of Fame  25 top bots from both sides of the Atlantic

Dianne Harris   Cool robotic art

Easy-Rob  3D Robot Simulation Tool  Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius

Generation 5   Learn about artificial intelligence

Go Robotics   News, resources, books, projects, and links

Learn About Robots  Commentary on recent robot news

Machine Brain   Great collection of robotics links

Machine Presence   Forum for machine intelligence and co-habitation

MegaGiant Robotics  Fun with Lego Robotics

Major Spot  Open-source artificial intelligence software

Microrobotics   Innovative non-industrial robots

Mr. Zed  The official site of Mr. Zed the Robot comedian

NASA  Educational robotics from NASA   Robotic Sculpture

Omnibot  A place to get replacement parts for your Omnibot

Pekee  A robotics portal and search engine

Poker Robots   Welcome to the world of poker bots

Rentron  Projects using the Basic Stamp, 8051, and Pic Microcontrollers

RoboForge  Very cool robot combat simulation

Rodney Brooks' Home Page   at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Robot Cafe   A community of fellow robotics enthusiasts

Robot Information Central   Super robot links page

Robot Japan   Features Japanese die-cast toy robots

Robot News  Our collection of articles about robots.

Robot Room   Cool robot projects

Robotics and Automation Magazine  From IEEE

Robotics Research Group  at University of Texas at Austin

Robotics Research Laboratories  at University of Southern California

Robotics Trends   News and developments in robotics markets

Robotorama  News about all things robotic

Robots Wanted  Sell your old robots here  Industrial Automation of Robots and Robotic Systems  The latest news on personal and industrial robotics.

Robots of Mars  On-line science fiction   Fun robotics site

RobotWar3D   Free game download

Sci-fi Station  Toy robots, cult movies, and more

Science Club  for Amateur Scientists    Get your daily science fix here

ServoLink  Online calculators for chain and sprocket drives

Soda Constructor   Run a simulation of a robot made from elastic beams

Survival Research Laboratories  Robotic mayhem   Robotics news and reviews

Terminator 3  Check out this cool interactive media player.

The Robotics Institute   at Carnegie Mellon University  Used robots for industrial applications

Zorin Microcontrollers  Control your world




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