Robot Books

Links to Cool Robots


Asimo   Coolest robot yet!   Abe Howell's cool robots

Active Robots   Robots, Control & Electronics Technology in the UK

Android World  Links to the world's largest android projects

BioHazard  Winner of the BattleBots Competition

Biped Page   Two-legged walker

Boilerplate   Mechanical man from the 1890s

Bug Bot  Hexapod walking robot

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre  A museum of Automata

Clawar   State-of-the-art mobile robotics in Europe

Coolrobots   Cool collection of combat robots

CreatureBots   Artificially intelligent sentient beings

Cricket the Robot   Learn how to make your own robotic cricket

CyberToys  Collectible robot toys

Desktop Robotics  and other robotics research

DiskCat   Robots for kids with learning difficulties

Entertainment Robots   Rent a robot to be the life of the party!

Expeditor    Entry into the IRRF Open Challenge

Fighter Bots  From the Robotics Club of Yahoo

Floorbotics  The Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot

Gecko Systems  Home of the CareBot

Hexplorer  Cool walking robot

I.R. Bot Includes tips and downloads

Infernolab  Scary combat robots

Internet Robots and Cameras  You control them!

K-Team   The Khepera and Koala robots

Karl Williams  Robotics and Electronics Devices page. Cool!

KillerHurtz  Champion Battle Robot

Linxmotion  Cool walking robots

LogonBot   Lenox High School Bot Club

Machina Speculatrix   World's First Robot?

Machine Intelligence Lab  at University of Florida

Micromagic Systems  Hexapod robots and animatronics

NMT   Cool mobile robot kits

Norland Research  SAM- Small Android Model

Ozzie's  Robots and space toys  Robot experimentation using the OOPic processor

Pioneer Mobile Robots   Winners of RoboCup!

PiTronics  Solar Powered Robots

Procon Technology  Fischertechnik down under

Psyclops Robotics  Walking robots

Ramacorp  Robotics and other homebrew creations

Retrofire   Robot & space toy collectibles

Robo-Pong 2000  Table Tennis robot

Robot 2000   Robot combat featuring Skeletron and Centurion

Robot Dojo   Robotic Martial Arts and Combat Fighting Machines

Robot Gallery  Pictures of collectible toy robots

Robot   Everything about BattleBots

Robot Island  Tin toy robots for the collector

Robot Sumo  Sponsored by

Robota  Highly interactive humanoid robots  Cool homebrew robots

Robotikits Direct   Makers of the OWI robots

Seguritron  Cool robot from Spain

SHRIMP  High Mobility Wheeled Rover

Soccer Robots  at University of Plymouth UK

ST Robotics   Bench top robot arms

Sumo Robots   Links to Japanese Sumo robots

TMZ  Team Minus Zero - BattleBots Competitor

Team Brown   Custom Made Terror

Team Nightmare  Huge Robot Combat web site!

Team Sinister  BattleBots Competitor

Tecumseh   World's fastest walking robot

The Beast  Champion Sumo robot

Walking Robots   With no sensors or motors!?   Cool walking projects

Zagros Robotics  Small Mobile Robots




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