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A how-to book for designing and fabricating mechanical devices for motion and positioning in robotics. This book explains the fundamental mechanical concepts necessary to design your own robot from scratch and details all the theoretical information behind your inventions.



   Mechanical Devices For The Electronics Experimenter

Mechanical DevicesExcerpt:

Projects that electronics experimenters undertake often have significant mechanical content in addition to their electronics content. In fact, for projects in the area of robotics, the electronics content is usually secondary to the mechanical content. There is a heavy emphasis on robotics applications, but this book is intended for all experimenters.

Because it is intended for experimenters, this book contains ideas for things that can be tried out in a home shop. The analysis formulas and design rules provided are intended to give the reader a good foundation upon which to expand primarily through experimentation and measurement. The formulas and design rules provided will not equip the reader to design a mechanism to a set of stringent specifications and then make precise analytic predictions as to how the finished mechanism will perform. These sorts of activities are the province of professional mechanical engineers-not amateur experimenters. A good strategy for using the information and ideas in this book consists of the following steps: 


1. Design a little.
2. Build a little.
3. Test a little.
4. Repeat 1, 2, and 3 as needed.

Because the real fun comes from watching an original design evolve into a working reality, breaking the design, building, and testing into a series of small pieces reduces the wait between the fun parts...

Table of Contents

1 Basic mechanical principles
2 Sensors and control
3 Motors
4 Motor control
5 Stepper motors
6 Solenoids
7 Gears and pulleys
8 Other mechanical stuff
9 Pneumatic systems
10 Vacuum systems
11 Hydraulic systems
12 Wheeled vehicles
13 Arms, legs, and hands

237 Pages  

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