Robot Books

Robot Components Links


Active Robots   UK supplier of educational robotics

AmpFlow  The best electronic motor speed controller

Arrick Robotics  PC-based automation products and robots

Avayan Electronics  Microcontroller project/development boards and stepper motor controllers

BattleKits  Combat Robot Kits and Parts from

EE Central   Electrical Engineer's Reference Page

Electronic Goldmine  Electronics, components, and project kits

Electronic Products  Pic and Stamp accessories  Design your part on their site and get an automatic quote

HandyBoard   Great Microcontroller board for small robots

Jameco  Electronic components and computer products

OOPic  object-oriented programmable micro-controller

Pad2Pad  Design and make your own printed circuit boards via the Internet

Parallax  Home of the BASIC Stamp

Power Transmission  Gears, Belts, Actuators, Sensors, and Motors

Radio-Control Hobbies  Great prices on Nikko RC kits

Robot Store  Wide range of robots and robotics products

ServoLink  Precision plastic gears, plus chain and sprocket drives

Servo Repair  All major brands serviced since 1982

Scott Edwards Electronics  Mini SSC controllers for servos and serial display modules

Solar Power at

Solarbotics  The BEAM Robotics Resource

Stock Drive  Miniature gears, bearings, and pulleys

Tower Hobbies   World's largest hobby shop

Zaytran Automation   Precision grippers for robots




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