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Advertising on


Targeted Traffic has thousands of links to it from other sites across the web. (Click here for Google's list of sites that link to us). We get about 4000 unique visitors every day. These visitors are robotics and electronics enthusiasts who are looking for products in their fields of interest.

Forget the Banner
We have found that banner advertising is not very effective. Internet users have learned to ignore the standard advertising banner. We offer four alternatives that have proven to be the most economical and effective advertising techniques for robotics-related products and web sites.


Four Advertising Options Available:

1) Product Placement Ad
Place your 150-word product or web site description and image alongside our own standard products. Your ad will be indistinguishable from our own products. Take a look at any of our product descriptions for an idea of what your ad will look like.

2) Advertise on our Home Page
Boost the return on your campaign with an ad right on our home page. This ad includes an image over a short text description. The Home Page ad can link to a Product Placement ad on our site or it can link directly to your web site.

3) Get your own Link on our Main Menu
Our visitors scan the left menu and click on the topics that interest them. This menu shows up on every page of our site so there is plenty of opportunity to find your link. The Main Menu Link can link to a Product Placement ad on our site or it can link directly to your web site.

4) Advertise in our Newsletter
We have over 30,000 subscribers to our robotics newsletter. Place a 150-word ad in our newsletter and take advantage of this huge subscriber base to let the world know about your product and web site. Newsletter ads include a working html link to your web site.



Email us at: to lock-in our current rates. Our rates may go up, but once you become an advertiser, your rates will never go up!


Monthly cost

Monthly cost for 6-month campaign

1) Product Placement Ad



2) Home Page Ad



3) Main Menu Link



4) Newsletter Ad



*Based on $8.00 CPM ($8.00 per 1000 subscribers)

Volume Discounts
As you can see from the above chart, you will get about 25% off if you sign up for a 6-month campaign. We also offer these volume discounts:

1) Save an additional 10% if you sign up for any two of our four advertising options.
2) Save an additional 15% if you sign up for any three of our four advertising options.
3) Save an additional 20% if you sign up for all four advertising options.


The Fine Print
We only take advertising that is related to the theme of our site. The type of products we would consider include; robotics; electronics; mechanical devices and components; science and technology; artificial intelligence; and educational products. Email us at: if you are not sure if your product or web site qualifies.

We have a limited amount of advertising space and all advertising options may not be available at any particular time, (especially Main Menu Links). Email us at: to confirm availability.

The Product Placement Ads (option number 1), require a two month minimum commitment. All other advertising options have no minimum requirements.

We publish our newsletter about once every eight weeks, but during certain periods, (like Christmas), we publish up to twice per month. The "Monthly Cost" in the above chart is actually the cost per newsletter, and the cost for the six-month campaign is actually for six insertions.


Contact Us
Give us a call at 650 593-6906, or you can email us at:


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