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Warning! Warning! Robots have entered the area, and they're showing up in the most unusual places! Whether it's up in space, under the sea, on a factory assembly line, or in a police bomb-squad van, robots are making a major-league impact on the world around us. While robots were once thought of as purely science fiction, the use of robotic technology and artificial intelligence will become as common as using a computer. There is no better way to introduce young minds to the world of robotics and technology than one of the classic robot-related children's books below!

This section starts off with books for ages 4 to 8 and the recommended ages go up as you scroll down the page.




Robots are everywhere: in the movies, on TV, in space, and in games. This book will bedazzle children with possibilities—all accompanied by detailed photos, illustrations, explanations, and activities.

Robots introduces readers to the world of these fascinating machines, from the simplest robots through the robots which operate complex machinery, to the latest intelligent robots and cyborgs.

Stunning photographs and exciting digital artwork splash across every page. Clear explanations lead readers from general overview to close-up focus on fascinating detail. Involving, informative projects and activities engage young reader's interest and encourage hands-on involvement and understanding.


Robots is a science-based, highly visual, inspirational learning experience. It gives kids a look at the subject with fun and easy-to-follow projects.

Ages 4 to 8


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   It Could Still Be a Robot

It Could Still Be a RobotFrom friendly dolphins to giant pandas, from icebergs and glaciers to energy from the sun, from magnets to solids, liquids, and gas, the Rookie Read About Science series of books is a natural addition to the primary-grade classroom with books that cover every part of the science curricula: animals, nature, scientific principles, the environment, weather, and much more. Featuring full-color photographs that offer readers a real-life look at the subject they're studying, simple text that makes complex concepts easy to grasp, and "Words You Know" pages to reinforce key learning objectives, these books make a great addition to your early science library.

It Could Still Be a Robot is a simple introduction to smart machines performing tasks too dangerous, too boring, or too difficult for people to do.

Ages 4-8

Also in this series:
Simple Machines
Energy from the Sun
What Is Electricity?

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   Eyewitness: Robot

RobotDiscover the amazing world of machines, from robots that play chess to systems that think.

Take a detailed look at the fascinating world of robots - from the earliest single-task machines to the advanced intelligence of robots with feelings. Young readers will be amazed to learn all that robots can do: perform delicate surgical operations, clean city sewers, work as museum tour guides, or even battle each other in combat! Find out how humans have created these mechanical minds and bodies.

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   The Official Guide To BattleBots

The Official Guide To BattleBotsBased on the cool new sport of robot combat where customized robots built by contestants compete for supremacy in the BattleBots arena. This book is a handy insider's guide to the most popular and successful BattleBots. Young fans can easily reference their favorite robot, see its picture, and read a list of interesting facts and information.

Step into the BattleBox with your favorite BattleBots from all four weight classes. Find out everything you need to know about the top robots: What is Ziggo's primary weapon? How many screws does it take to hold BioHazard together? What fuel powers Minion? You'll find the answers to these questions and much more.

The Official Guide To BattleBots is packed with 57 full-color photos, stats, and little-known facts about fifty of the fiercest BattleBots. Published by Scholastic.

Ages 8 to 15


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RobotsRobots is a colorful look at the most recent developments in robotics technology. It starts off with the origins of robot designs - from the fantastic to the realistic. It examines single-function robots designed to perform repetitive tasks, then it moves on to robots for hazardous situations like bomb-disposal and undersea robots. Other chapters take a look at robots in the film industry and robots designed to assist in surgery and other medical procedures. The state of the art is surveyed in the chapters on Nanorobots and robots in space. The final section details the rapid advances in technology that are bringing amazing futuristic robot designs closer to reality.

Robots does all this in a style that kids 8 and over can understand and have fun with.

Ages 9 to 12


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RoboticsScience fiction becomes science fact in this intriguing series for reluctant readers that explores the extraordinary scientific advances modern man is making-and their impact on contemporary issues, economics, our future, and our world.

Robotics will appeal to teenagers from grades 7 to 12. The reading level is somewhere between grades 4 and 7, although older students will enjoy the book because of the subject matter. The series is designed as a collection of high-interest, low-level reading materials. The colorful format and high-quality photographs are attractive and appealing. This book takes a look at the current state and future of the field of robotics, emphasizing that robots are already playing an important role in making our lives easier.

The text includes descriptions of 14 robots and robot development projects and can serve as a starting point for discussion and further research.

Ages 9 to 15


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   How to Build Your Own Prize-Winning Robot

How to Build Your Own Prize-Winning RobotHow to Build Your Own Prize-Winning Robot guides young readers through the most important elements of robotics. Readers will learn how to build a robot step-by-step using electronics, motors, computers, and a variety of other household materials. By carrying out the projects in this book, young scientists will become familiar with electric motors, motor control, electronics, circuit boards, and servos.

For those who have created a great robot and want to show it off, the book includes a list of robotics contest resources, along with winning tips for successful entries. Also included are robot clubs, organizations, and component suppliers.

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   The Adventures of Sojourner : The Mission to Mars That Thrilled the World

The Adventures of Sojourner : The Mission to MarsAn authoritative and exciting recounting of the Mars Pathfinder mission and the success of the Sojourner rover. The story begins with a brief but enlightening discussion of why scientists send missions to Mars and the successes and failures that occurred before the launch of Pathfinder in December of 1996. The book then follows the designing and building of Sojourner and describes her performance on Mars after landing on July 4, 1997. The rover did more than its designers and mission control experts had hoped for. For nearly three months Sojourner sent data about the rocks, soil, and weather on Mars, plus hundreds of color pictures. Readers follow this mission from its conception and the construction of the rover to the final bits of data sent from Mars.

The detailed explanations of the rover's construction, the launch and landing of the Pathfinder lander on Mars, and the work done by Sojourner are fascinating. Stunning photographs, the majority in color, add additional details and clarity to the lively text, which is easy to read but does not talk down to readers. A time line of Mars voyages, a chart comparing Earth and Mars, and web sites are also included. This book provides enough information for reports, and may inspire students to pursue further research. An entertaining, factual, and immensely readable volume.

Chosen as one of the "Best Books for Children 1999" by Science Books & Film.

Ages 12 to 18

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Mission to Mars


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   Robotics : Intelligent Machines for the New Century

Intelligent MachinesFictional robots have long fascinated people's imaginations, and today real robots are becoming more and more common. Robotics gives the young reader a thorough understanding of this amazing science and, more generally, the science of artificial intelligence. Coverage includes the anatomy of a robot (vision systems, sensors, and control mechanisms), industrial robots and how they are used around the world, and specialized robots (those used in the military, in space, and in hazardous situations).

This new edition of Robotics has been completely revised and updated to chart the numerous advances made in this field since the first edition was published nearly a decade ago—advances in such areas as miniaturization, sensory feedback, and voice recognition have transformed the development and use of intelligent robotics. It includes a history of the development of robotics, from ancient times to the present, including a "Robot Family Tree," which displays the five technical "families" that have united to comprise modern robotics.

This book provides an overview of the topic and is ideal for the increasing number of beginners interested in this growing field. It also includes an extensive index and a glossary of terms to help readers better understand the field. Reading Level: Grade 6 and up

Ages 11 to 18


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