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The Planetary Rover radio remote control is an affordable six-channel radio control system that has the key features that are normally found only in high-end, (expensive), radio controls.

This is a "computer" radio with a liquid-crystal display (LCD). The computer enables the user to change programmed settings without the need to connect the unit to a PC. Programming features include servo reversing and end-point-adjustment on all channels, dual rates, and exponentials. Any two channels can be custom mixed with the programmable mixing or you can choose preprogrammed “wing-type” mixers including flaperon, V-tail, or elevon mixing.

The LCD display on the face of the compact, ergonomically-designed case is easy to read and allows rapid data input. The system holds independent memories for six different models. The adjustable-length control sticks provide an improved feel. External switches enable dual rates and trainer cord or “buddy-box” capabilities.


The remote control transmits on 2.4GHz. This high frequency reduces the required antenna lengths on both the transmitter and the receiver. Also, this frequency is not subject to the FAA restrictions that limit other radios to use in either aircraft or ground vehicles. This system can be used for both.

The receiver weighs 14 grams and operates on 4.8V to 6V. The transmitter requires eight "AA" alkaline batteries.

The transmitters and receivers are linked together electronically so that a receiver is programmed to recognize only the signals that come from one particular transmitter. This greatly reduces interference form other radio sources and it enables many transmitter/receiver pairs to work together in the same area without interfering with each other.

The Planetary Rover radio control system uses "Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum" to encode the radio signals and make use of the all the available radio spectrum while avoiding those frequencies that are noisy or already in use.

The result of all this technology is positive, glitch-free control of your mobile robot or model aircraft.


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Planetary Rover Radio Control - $129      Quantity



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