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BASIC Stamps are the easy-to-use microcontrollers that have been the favorite choice of amateur and professional roboticists since 1992. You plug it into your computer's serial or USB port to program it with a simple BASIC programming language.



   SumoBot Kit

SumoBot KitIf you think one robot is interesting, wait until you see two of them battling for control Sumo-style! The new SumoBot is a competition-ready robot designed within the Robot Mini-Sumo Tournament rules. This little pusher will locate and knock its opponent right out of the ring while detecting the outside circle should an escape move be necessary. Here are the design specifications:

The Mini-Sumo Tournament Rules dictate that the robots must fit within a 10 cm x 10 cm square and weigh less than 500 grams. The electronics consists of a surface-mounted BASIC Stamp 2, infrared sensors to detect your opponent and the edge of the Sumo Ring. The hardware package includes the black anodized aluminum chassis and scoop, servo motors, wheels, 4AA power pack (batteries not included) mounting standoffs and screws. The documentation takes you from basic moves to one-on-one combat.


* Teach you the basics of embedded control
* Compete in Sumo Bot competitions
* Avoid or seek objects using infrared light reflection
* Interface with additional digital, resistive, and frequency sensors of your choice

Check our Links page for a list of local robot tournaments which may include Mini-Sumo, or hold your own competition!



   Boe-Bot Kit

Boe-Bot KitThe popular Boe-Bot Robot Kit is now USB-compatible! Over 100,000 Boe-Bot robots are in use by hobbyists, educators and students around the world.

This kit comes with a manual that includes 41 new activities for the Boe-Bot robot. Starting with basic movement and proceeding to sensor-based projects, you quickly learn how the Boe-Bot is expandable for many different robotic projects. No previous robotics, electronics or programming experience is necessary.

The Boe-Bot robot is built on a high-quality brushed aluminum chassis that provides a sturdy platform for the continuous rotation servo motors and BASIC Stamp microcontroller. You can use the many extra mounting holes and slots to add custom robotic equipment. The rear wheel is a slider ball held in place with a cotter pin. Drive wheels are molded to fit precisely on the servo spline and held in place with a small screw.

What really makes the Boe-Bot unique is the BASIC Stamp micro controller's flexibility of programming. Following along in the manual, users quickly learn about embedded projects, from wiring and components to programming and mechanical dependencies. The kit includes a set of passive components (wires, resistors, capacitors), sensors (photo resistors, bumpers, infrared sensors) and hardware (whisker touch-sensors) to complete the different projects.

The Boe-Bot robot takes about 2 hours to put together and each project in the manual provides a unique new experience of wiring and source code tuning. Completing the entire set of projects takes about 50 hours and is suitable for anybody over 12 years of age, (or younger with adult supervision). The BASIC Stamp and its circuit board (Board Of Education or "BOE") may also be removed and used as your platform for other robotics projects.

Educators may be interested in the Teacher's Guide. Details on obtaining the Teacher's guide are included in the kit. Requires 4 AA batteries, PC with Windows 98/2000/XP, and USB Port. No soldering required.

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   Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp Computer with CD-ROM

Programming the BASIC Stamp Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp, Second Edition gives you a comprehensive tutorial on the easy-to-use BASIC Stamp single-board computer, which runs a PIC Microcontroller, and doesn't require you to do any assembly language programming.

This new edition moves you briskly from electronic foundations through BASIC Stamp "Boot Camps" and an intelligent traffic signal simulation to build a robotic bug with whisker sensors, a time/temperature display, and a data-logging thermometer.

Written by Scott Edwards, the original author of the widely read "Stamp Applications" column for Nuts & Volts magazine, this easy-to-follow reference includes a CD that gives you all the IBM- compatible software tools necessary to begin developing Stamp applications.

Programming and Customizing the BASIC Stamp Computer offers you:

* A primer on basic electronics--including reading schematics, identifying components, and constructing prototypes.
* Thorough yet accessible coverage of both BASIC Stamp I and II--from reading and understanding BASIC programs, to PBASIC toolboxes, to detailed applications.
* BASIC Stamp Quick Reference Guide
* 12 complete projects that demonstrate various BASIC Stamp applications and allow you to put your new knowledge to work.
* An accompanying CD that provides all the software tools you need to begin developing PIC applications on your own.

New in this edition:
*Stamp-specific and Stamp-friendly peripheral devices
*Chapter on using the BS2-SX
*Bonus projects

With the range of skills you'll develop using this guide, you'll see why it can be easier to build sophisticated projects with microcontrollers than with conventional electronic parts--and even more fun!

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   Microcontroller Projects Using the Basic Stamp with CD-ROM

Microcontroller Projects Using the Basic StampMicrocontroller Projects with Basic Stamps is a great way to learn about Basic Stamp programming. This book teaches the principles and processes of microcontroller development by demonstrating how to program the tiny Basic Stamp. The companion CD-ROM contains a Basic Stamp emulator and a tool that converts the your Basic program to the assembly language required to run a PIC microcontroller.

Microcontroller Projects with Basic Stamps covers introductory material and advanced projects including: reading buttons, driving relays, PWM output, a capacitance meter, homebrew ADC, interfacing a EEPROM, a PC-based frequency meter, interfacing standard and serial LCDs, using analog keypads, several games, a logic probe, and a data logger. Comes with a CD-ROM with Parallax software, Basic Stamp I simulator, and PIC programmer software.

This new edition has been updated with information relevant to the newest Basic Stamp, the BS2P, and revised to present more advanced projects. The result is a superb hands-on teaching text with dozens of completely new projects in addition to enhanced projects that take advantage of its latest features. Each chapter introduces a new concept through a simple project followed by project enhancements which demonstrate improved solutions. Readers get complete, detailed instructions for building their own test instruments, robot motor controls, Morse code keyers, infrared remote controls, a bridge that lets a Stamp connected to a PC communicate via the Internet, and more projects. Throughout the book, the author explains and teaches with his well-known clarity and thoroughness.

If you've never worked with Stamps before, you'll appreciate the fundamentals - including a description of all the basic electronics you'll need. If you have worked with Stamps before, you'll find practical advice for PC interfacing using serial EEPROMs and other devices, analog I/O, and a host of projects that will help you develop your own designs.

Also by Al Williams:
Embedded Internet Design
Build Your Own Printed Circuit Board

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